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Writing a blog post about an event

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Writing a blog post about an event


Jacalyn Laird

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Writing a blog post about an event

people writing in notebooks while sittingPhoto by The Climate Reality Project

How to write a blog post about an event you attended and make it interesting for readers.

See also our general guidance for writing for our blog which covers how to structure your post and tips on writing for the web.

First things first, try to write down your initial thoughts and feelings as soon as possible after the event. This will help you to remember points you want to cover when you write up your blog post.

Write about the event from your personal perspective - Why did you want to be there? How did it make you feel? 

Use a conversational tone so your post is more engaging for readers and don’t be afraid to give your opinions on things - what did you enjoy the most? Did you find anything surprising?

Remember you aren’t writing a formal report so your post doesn’t need to cover every single thing that happened. Think about your audience - what information will be the most interesting and useful for them?

What to include

  • Name of event, where and when it took place, who was running it. Include a hyperlink to the event/organisers’ website.
  • What was it about and why did you want to attend?
  • Were there any speakers or topics of particular interest?
  • What were the key takeaways for you? e.g. lessons learned, ideas generated, contacts made.
  • How will you use what you’ve learned and how will this benefit you/your community?
  • Are there related future events that readers can attend?
  • If you have any, include a photo (or photos) of people interacting, speakers on stage etc. (provide a caption of what the image shows).
  • Any interesting quotes or facts from the event.



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