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James Graham

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James Graham

Research Software Engineer

James joined the Institute in 2017 as a Research Software Engineer (RSE) after working with the SSI on a project as part of the Open Call. In 2019, he was elected to the board of trustees for the Society of Research Software Engineering to help promote the importance of research software within the UK academic community.

His MPhil in Chemistry, awarded by the University of Southampton in 2019, focused on automating the creation of simulation models for biomolecular simulation. During this time he also worked on the ProtoMS Monte Carlo modelling package, which was accepted into the SSI Open Call, helping to ensure that simulations were reproducible across a range of target platforms.

In his role as an RSE, as well as software development and infrastructure maintenance, he advises on software engineering and design to external projects and develops and delivers training for new researchers. He also supports the Southampton Research Software Community, a community for researchers who develop software as part of their research, by running Code Surgeries and helping to launch new Special Interest Groups.