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Malcolm Atkinson

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Malcolm Atkinson


Malcolm Atkinson is now retired. He was Director of the e-Science Institute, the UK's e-Science Envoy and played a leading role in OMII-UK. Malcolm was on the advisory boards of GOSC, NCeSS, Baltic Grid and GEON and lead training and education in two EU-funded projects EGEE-II and ICEAGE. He was also a member of the Global Grid Forum Steering Group and Data Area Director for GGF.

Malcolm began his career in computing in 1966. He has worked at seven universities: Glasgow, Pennsylvania, Edinburgh, UEA, Cambridge, Rangoon and Lancaster, and for two companies: Sun Microsystems (at SunLabs in California) and O2 (an Object-Oriented DB company in its early years in Versailles). He led the development of the Department of Computing Science in Glasgow and is now Professor of e-Science in the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, and has more than 130 publications. Malcolm has taken leading roles in national strategic research and infrastructure committees.