Panel discussion: Do we have the right tools for research?

Various worktools on a table
Photo by Todd Quackenbus.

The discussion panel “Do we have the right tools for research?” took place online on Friday 5th November 2021, from 2 to 3pm GMT, as part of the Research Software Camp: Beyond the Spreadsheet, organised by the Software Sustainability Institute.

Our expert panelists had a conversation around the use of spreadsheets in research, spreadsheets as powerful tools to handle data, and what’s available for researchers who wish to move beyond spreadsheets. 

All researchers and research software developers were welcome to join this discussion panel. We presented as many views as possible from using spreadsheets as a powerful tool in research data management to discussing options for moving beyond them. 

Participants could submit questions to the panel on Slido. Here you can also answer the questions 'What would you like to know when learning to code?' and 'What resources would you recommend for someone learning to code?'


Simon Hettrick, SSI Deputy Director.


Presented alphabetically

Name Affiliation Representing
Yanina Bellini Tenured researcher at National Institute of Agricultural Technology, Argentina R
Mike Croucher Customer Success Engineer at MathWorks MatLab
Andy Gordon CalcIntelligence Lead, Microsoft Research Lambda
Lucy Huggins Associate Lecturer at the University of Plymouth Use of spreadsheets in research
Peter Inglesby Consultant Programmer and previous PyCon UK chair Python
Lucia Michielin EFI Digital Skills Training Manager at The University of Edinburgh Open Refine
Mor Rubinstein Head of Data Strategy at Parkinson's UK Google Sheets
Clive Siviour CSO at Filament Filament
Katy Wolstencroft Assistant Professor at Leiden University RightField


All panelists presented a workshop or published a recorded presentation or blog post on the tool/language they represented.

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