Paola Corrales

Paola CorralesPaola Corrales is a PhD student at the University of Buenos Aires. She studies atmospheric sciences applying data assimilation techniques to improve short-term forecasts of severe events in Argentina. She is a trainer and instructor for The Carpentries and an RStudio certified instructor. She has also contributed to translations projects of Carpentries’ materials and the book Teaching Tech Together. She is part of Expedition Science, an Argentina-based NPO, where she leads educational projects such as science camps and workshops for students and K-12 science teachers. She is also on Expedition Science Board since 2013 and serves as its treasurer. She is a teacher assistant at the Atmosphere and Oceans Sciences  at Buenos Aires University and a professor at the Data Sciences degree and postgraduate courses at Guillermo Brown University.

She is co-founder and a Core Team member of MetaDocencia. She also develops openly licensed materials to teach and learn R from scratch. More information about Paola:

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