Research Data Visualisation Workshop (RDVW)

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The RDVW workshop report is available

The Research Data Visualisation Workshop will take place on July 28th, 2016 at the University of Manchester. If you create data visualisations and plan to visualise new data sets or would like to know about data visualisation toolings and uses then this is the workshop for you. We will bring together a small but focused group of people to show the state of the art in data visualisation practices and tools in different areas and provide help for you to create your own visualisations during the hands-on session.


Data Visualisation plays an important role in the communication of research: for instance, computer scientists need to visualise the benchmarks of their software, biologists need to visualise the evolution of the population they are observing, linguistics need to visualise the common words that are used.Many visualisations are done using popular programming language such as Python, R, MATLAB and Javascript.

The Software Sustainability Institute is running this event to explore Data Visualisation and help the workshop attendees not only to create visualisations but also to influence them regarding better practices on reproducibility and the improvement of tooling in this area.


Researchers from all disciplines interested in research data visualisation. Researchers with basic knowledge of programming (for example, those who attended any Software Carpentry or Data Carpentry workshops) will particularly benefit from the hands-on session.

We encourage people to attend in small groups, around five members, if possible or suitable.


Please register for the workshop at our Eventbrite page.

Depending on the hands-on session you wish to attend, you will need to install certain software on your laptop beforehand. Check the list of software for Python, R, MATLAB ​(note: MATLAB licenses will not be provided) and Javascript with the installation instructions.

Agenda (July 28th 2016)

Steering and organising

A big thank you to our steering and organising groups who have guided the development of the workshop and contributed to its organisation.


Morning: IT407 at the Kilburn Building of the University of Manchester.

Afternoon: Collab1 at the Kilburn Building of the University of Manchester.

For directions, please visit this page.



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