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Christopher Woods reflects on this year's SeptembRSE - an online celebration of Research Software Engineering.
What does a Research Software Engineer (RSE) who uses R do? How can we promote RSE career paths? How can we identify and highlight which funders are most research software friendly? How can we increase visibility of RSEs in the R community? Could we develop a podcast on ‘meet the R-engineers’ or collaborate with an existing R podcast? What should a book “Research Software Engineering with R” contain? How do we develop an RSE for R users community?
Jeffrey Carver, Jeremy Cohen and Caroline Jay explore the practicalities and relative pros and cons of in-person, remote, and hybrid modes of working that are common to the vast majority of research software roles.
Introducing 2021 RSE Fellow Peter Hill.
2021 RSE Fellow Thomas Dowrick introduces his Fellowship plans.
2021 RSE Fellow Domhnall Carlin introduces his Fellowship plans.
Introducing RSE Fellow Heather Turner.
RSE Fellow Ed Bennett from Swansea University introduces himself and his Fellowship plans.
Introducing 2021 RSE Fellow James Knight from the University of Sussex. Read about his background and fellowship plans here.
Introducing 2021 RSE Fellow Andrew Brown.
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