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Collaborations Workshop 2011 (CW11)

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Collaborations Workshop 2011 (CW11)

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Location:  e-Science Institute, Edinburgh

3 March 2011

Collaborations Workshop 2011 (CW11)

If you use software in your research - or want to use it in the future - the Collaborations Workshop is the perfect opportunity for you to meet people who you could work with. The 2011 workshop took place on 3-4 March at the e-Science Institute in Edinburgh. This page provides links to information about the workshop.


Outcomes from CW11 are available

Materials from the workshop

The materials page provides access to everything that was used or created at the workshop, such as the reporting back slides and pdfs of the lightning talks.


Outcomes are changes that will make the life of the researcher easier. They were collected from the reporting back slides and discussions that took place during and after the workshop. The outcomes will be acted on by the Software Sustainability Institute over the coming year.

View the outcomes.


Videos are available on separate pages:


View the conference agenda.

Talks and lightning talks

A list of all the talks that were presented at the workshop and pdfs of the slides are available from the materials page, an overview of the lightning talks is provided on the lightning talks page, and videos of the talks are availble too.

Our guide to lightning talks is also available.


The breakouts page provides a description of breakouts and a list of the discussion topics that were suggested by the attendees.

A final agenda of the breakouts, showing what topics were discussed is available on the materials page.


The posters page provided relevant information to the attendees who exhibited posters.

Conference flyer

Download the original conference flyer.

Original Collaborations Workshop webpage

Access a copy of the original webpage used to publicise the workshop before it took place.



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