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Collaborations Workshop 2018 (CW18)

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Collaborations Workshop 2018 (CW18)

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Shoaib Sufi

Shoaib Sufi

Community Team Lead

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Location:  Cardiff University

26 March 2018

Collaborations Workshop 2018 (CW18)


The Software Sustainability Institute’s Collaborations Workshops series brings together researchers, developers, innovators, managers, funders, publishers, leaders and educators to explore best practices and the future of research software. Collaboration Workshop 2018 (CW18) took place from Monday 26th to Wednesday 28th March at The School of Mathematics, Cardiff University

The Collaboration Workshop 2017 was generously supported by a number of organisations. For their support, we would like to extend a special thanks to our Platinum sponsors Overleaf and Figshare. For more information, please see the complete list of our sponsors.

The themes of the workshop were: Culture Change, Productivity and Sustainability.

The CW18 workshop report is available at Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO) journal.


Collaboration Workshop 2018 (CW18) took place from Monday 26th to Wednesday 28th March at The School of Mathematics, Cardiff University. In order to prepare for your visit, you can find out more information about the practical side of things such as travel and accommodation.


Registration has now closed but you can find out who attended the workshop.


CW18 brought together a diverse group of people, creating a dynamic space for various activities. Here are some highlights from the event:

For a comprehensive overview, explore the complete agenda.

CW18 Themes: Culture Change, Productivity and Sustainability

Culture Change

As much as some individuals want to deny or discredit open access and open science, each year we see more researchers adopting open practices, such as submitting pre-prints to arXiv, bioRxiv, SocArxiv and similar repositories. However, some changes happen at a slow pace; for example, the use of closed source research software that compromises research reproducibility. Discussions will centre around the following questions: how and what can we do to speed up some cultural changes to drive the research community to archive reproducibility sooner?

Why Productivity

Some claim that evaluating research productivity is easy since we only need to count the numbers of papers published in a given space of time. Unfortunately, with the advance of open access and open science practices, measuring research productivity has  got more difficult. Even solutions such as Altmetric don't solve this problem for the community because they exclude some sources—Altmetric doesn't use GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket or another source code repository for their analysis. The workshop discussions will revolve around: in addition to how can we evaluate scientific productivity, what tools and workflows can we use to improve our productivity as researchers? For example, does test-driven development improve the productivity of research software engineers?

More about Collaborations Workshop 2018

The Software Sustainability Institute invites all members of the research software community to explore and discuss the questions above and other questions at CW18.

CW18 attendees will gain insight into the topics of Culture Change, Productivity and Sustainability and how these impact and will impact on research. It is also an ideal opportunity to form collaborations (on average, attendees of CW’s start two new collaborations by attending) and to discuss topics proposed by attendees. CW18 is a great place to network and participants will meet many of the new and existing Software Sustainability Institute's Fellows—key ambassadors in varied research domains.

Some aspects of Culture Change, Productivity, and Sustainability planned to be covered in the workshop are:

  • Culture Change in the research environment

  • How to be more productive in your research

  • Tools to help promote a culture change

  • Tools to help improve your productivity

  • Benefits of Sustainability


The Collaborations Workshop is organised by the Software Sustainability Institute's CW18 organisation and events teams with the help of the steering committee and generous support from our partner organisations and sponsors

Code of Conduct

The SSI values the participation of each stakeholder and want all attendees to have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Accordingly, all attendees are expected to show respect and courtesy to other attendees throughout the workshop and at all workshop events, including online.

To make clear what is expected, all attendees, speakers, exhibitors, organisers and volunteers at Collaborations Workshop 2017 are required to conform to the following Code of Conduct. There are several procedures for reporting issues in place which will be enforced by the organisers throughout the workshop.

Additional information

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