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Workshop for e-Infrastructure trainers

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Workshop for e-Infrastructure trainers

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Location:  Hartree Centre

14 August 2013

Workshop for e-Infrastructure trainers


An outcomes report is available for the e-Infrastructure trainers workshop

If you have an interest in training researchers how to use computing, software or data, you should attend the workshop for e-Infrastructure trainers on 14 August at the newly opened Hartree Centre.

The goal of the workshop is to create a community of trainers who will work together to improve the quality and provision of e-Infrastructure training. We will bring together a huge variety of trainers so that they can network, share ideas and work on a strategy for improving training.

Report on outcomes from the workshop

Outcomes from the workshop for e-infrastructure trainers is a report that summarises the discussions that took place at the workshop and lists the outcomes.

Topics for discussion

The topics we discussed at the workshop are listed in a Google spreadsheet. Conclusions from the discussions are listed on the break out conclusions page.


We want to hear your thoughts on the workshop and on the training community. Please fill out our online feedback form after the workshop (it takes about three minutes to complete).

Who's attending

We are bringing together anyone with an interest in training researchers to use computing, software or data. If you're interested in who's attending, visit the attendees' page.

Why do we need a community of trainers?

Research grows ever more reliant on computing, software and data (or e-Infrastructure), but few researchers have the skills to make the most of these resources. As trainers, we're responsible for providing researchers with the skills they need, but we tend to work in isolation.

If we work together as a community, we will be able provide better training, share best practice and are more likely to have an impact on the way training is provisioned and funded in the UK

How does the workshop work?

The workshop uses a flexible agenda, which allows attendees to suggest topics for discussion and tailor the workshop to meets their needs. The workshop will include a networking session, a series of lightning talks and two break out sessions where delegates can discuss issues that face training and propose solutions.

Everyone who attends the workshop will be signed up to a Google Group mailing list. Anything sent to the mailing list will be received by all attendees. We will use the mailing list to contact attendees about the workshop and we encourage you to use it to raise issues, discuss topics and to keep in touch with the people you meet at the workshop.



The Hartree Centre is a state-of-the-art HPC and training centre opened in February 2013 and based in Daresbury.

The centre will reach out to the scientists and engineers, inspiring them, firing their imaginations and equipping them with the tools, skills and understanding for the present and for the future. The centre addresses everything from underlying computing methodologies to the effective application and exploitation of leading-edge software and computational techniques.

The Hartree centre is based at the STFC site in Daresbury. Visit the Hartree centre website for more information and for instructions on how to get there.


You can follow the workshop using the hashtag #eitrainers. The Institute's Twitter account is @SoftwareSaved.


If you would like to know more about this event, please contact us.

Travelling expenses

Forms for claiming back expenses will be made available at the workshop.

Travel and subsistence up to a limit of £100 per person will be reimbursed. Full receipts must be provided and returned with a claim form, which will be provided to attendees at the workshop. Note that first class tickets on any mode of transport are excluded. Private mileage will be reimbursed at a rate of 40p per mile up to 130 miles a day OR 25p per mile for all of the daily mileage where the journey(ies) exceeds 130 miles in a day. Subsistence claims cannot include alcoholic beverages.

To apply, just send your claim to:

Claire Devereux
STFC Rutherford Appleton Library
OX11 0QX

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