Two hands holding a paper doll chain
Photo by Andrew Moca.

From the organising committee to our many volunteers, we would like to thank everyone who made the Research Software Camp: Beyond the Spreadsheet happen. 

All categories are sorted by last name.

Organising committee 

Selina Aragon, Research Software Camp Chair

Jacalyn Laird, Social Media Chair

Simon Hettrick, panel discussion chair & expert content contributor

Will Hulme, expert content contributor


SSI Staff 

Giacomo Peru, SSI project officer

Aleksandra Nenadic, SSI Training Lead

Rachael Ainsworth, SSI Community Manager

Learning to code Programme

To see their profiles, please visit the learning to code programme website.


Mario Antonioletti

Sadie Bartholomew

Heather Turner

Jamie Quinn



Rebecca Hamilton

Yenn Lee

Emma Karoune

Amirah Khan

Code Review Clinic

Becky Arnold

Joey Bernard

Jez Cope

Linda Dieckmann

Jonas Hagenberg

Sam Mangham

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