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Whether it's the people who invented Fortran, the challenges of polar exploration, the need for more women in software or anything you've ever wanted to Ask the Institute, our blog covers everything that's new and innovative about research software.

In addition to one-off posts, we run a number of blog series that investigate a specific concern or address a particular issue.

A day in the software life

Researchers from all disciplines talk about the software they use to make their research possible.

Desert Island Hard Disks

You find yourself stranded on a beautiful desert island. What software would you choose to bring with you and what luxury item would you take to make life easier?

Top tips

A quick introduction to a wide range of subjects related to software and research: everything from using Github to writing a press release.

Breaking software barriers

Where we investigate how our Research Software Group has helped projects improve their research software.

Monthly updates from the Institute

Find out what's been happening with our four teams: Community, Policy, Research Software Group and Training.

Heroes of software engineering

This series by Ian Cottam focuses on significant figures who played a key role in the history of software engineering.

Women in software

This series focuses on the issues surrounding women in software.

Ask the Institute

Finally, if you have a question about software and research, why not Ask the Institute?

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