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Using prototyping to select software for a research software project

Latest version published on 3 March, 2021.

Choosing the right software for use in a research software project can be challenging. How do we know which software is both fit for purpose and provides a sound basis for our project for the foreseeable future? And, how do we make such a choice given that the time and effort to explore what could be myriad alternatives may be limited?

Fellows newsletter: March 2021

Latest version published on 2 March, 2021.

Welcome to this month's SSI Fellows Newsletter which shares activities and opportunities taking place within the SSI Fellows' community.

How to enhance the inclusivity and accessibility of your online calls

Latest version published on 3 March, 2021.

Yo Yehudi, Kaitlin Stack Whitney and Malvika Sharan describe how to structure online group calls for successful, multimodal collaboration among people who communicate in different ways.

Highlights from week one of our Research Software Camp on research accessibility

Latest version published on 26 February, 2021.

It’s the end of the first week of our inaugural Research Software Camp which is focussed on different aspects of research accessibility. We’ve been exploring the topic through a mixture of live sessions, guides on our website and discussions on social media. Here are some of the highlights from week one.

Resources to help make your research accessible

Latest version published on 3 March, 2021.

As part of the inaugural SSI Research Software Camp on research accessibility, we’ve gathered some useful resources. Research accessibility is a broad topic and this list gives a taster of the different areas.

Strengthening the RSE community with podcasting

Latest version published on 16 February, 2021.

Dr Peter Schmidt, Senior Research Software Developer, University College London tells us about two podcasts he is involved in and how he hopes they will strengthen the RSE community.

The Institute's highlights from 2020 and upcoming opportunities

Latest version published on 2 February, 2021.

We take a look back at some of the highlights at the Institute from last year, and some of the exciting things happening in 2021.

A farewell to RSEs: reflecting on our progress and remaining barriers

Latest version published on 28 January, 2021.

SSI Deputy Director Simon Hettrick reflects on the progress of Research Software Engineers as he steps down as a trustee of the Society of Research Software Engineering.

Highlights of the Fellowship Programme 2021 Launch Webinar

Latest version published on 21 January, 2021.

The SSI Fellowship Programme 2021 Launch Webinar took place on 14 January and provided information about the Institute, the Fellowship Programme, the application process and considerations with regard to COVID-19.

Tips for Managing your Project’s Increasing Complexity: Part 2

Latest version published on 19 January, 2021.

As projects grow, the complexity of their implementation also grows. SSI Fellow Dr Edward Fisher examines best practices and methods that will allow you to handle complexity in both the technical and managerial domains of your project.