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Hold the best meeting you ever attended

Latest version published on 1 July, 2022.

Reasons to make your event hybrid and pitfalls to avoid.

Carpentries: Beyond the Basics

Latest version published on 29 June, 2022.

How do you teach beyond The Carpentries level while keeping everyone on the same page?

Creating a domain-specific R course for Archaeologists

Latest version published on 27 June, 2022.

SSI Fellow Alison Clarke discusses creating an R course for archaeologists.

Opening the door to new contributors in open source projects

Latest version published on 22 June, 2022.

Hugo Gruson and Heather Turner consider ways to encourage contribution in open source software projects, both large and small.

Visibility of Research Software Engineers in research funding

Latest version published on 22 June, 2022.

On the 10th anniversary of Research Software Engineering being recognised as a role within the research sphere, we pose the question: is there enough awareness of this role when granting applications are developed and costed?

Review of Piloting a New Course: Intermediate Research Software Development in Python

Latest version published on 15 June, 2022.

SSI Fellow Matthew Bluteau picks apart the course delivery, successes, and challenges of piloting the new Intermediate Research Software Development in Python Course.

Everything including the kitchen sink: securing the Internet of Things

Latest version published on 13 June, 2022.

When the world woke up one morning working from home, the extension of the traditional corporate network to encompass the domestic home (and its average of 9 connected devices) turned traditional perimeter-based computer security of 40 years on its head.

FOSS Backstage 2022 in Berlin

Latest version published on 8 June, 2022.

SSI Fellow Yadira Sanchez shares her thoughts on FOSS Backstage - a two day conference in March dedicated to everything related to Free and Open Source Software (OSS) governance and open collaboration.

Highlights of the Research Software Camp: Next Steps in Coding

Latest version published on 6 June, 2022.

Our Research Software Camp: Next steps in coding ran from 16 - 27 May 2022 with a focus on improving computational and training skills at beginner and intermediate levels. Here we share some of the highlights from the Camp.

Software helps facilitate digital soil mapping

Latest version published on 2 June, 2022.

Manaaki Whenua researcher Pierre Roudier is enjoying being both author and contributor on different software packages that are providing ways to accelerate soil research.