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(Do not) make it new: On Reusing Research Software and Tools in Digital Humanities Scholarship

Latest version published on 13 May, 2021.

At the Collaborations Workshop 21, Emily Bell and Anna-Maria Sichani discussed the issue of software reusability in digital humanities (DH) research. This blog post provides an overview of some of the underlying issues, as well as the conversation points, resources and avenues for future exploration that arose from the discussion.

Software Sustainability training for Bioscience Postgraduate students

Latest version published on 6 May, 2021.

SSI Fellow Emma Rand discusses the analytics training programme she runs for PhD students, covering the rationale behind the course design, and the experience level and current tool preferences of participants.

Teaching the Next Generation of Software Engineers

Latest version published on 6 May, 2021.

Find out how University of Manchester Research Software Engineers have been working with researchers from Computer Science to bring coding to the next generation.

Building Research Software Communities

Latest version published on 29 April, 2021.

Running a workshop on community building and sustainability for the research software community.

My 10 favourite pieces of software over time

Latest version published on 23 April, 2021.

David De Roure (Professor of e-Research, University of Oxford and Turing Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute) takes us on a four-decade journey of his favourite pieces of software in academia.

Software Sustainability in Practice at the University of York

Latest version published on 8 April, 2021.

Ben Catt (Open Research Librarian) and Killian Murphy (Research Software Engineer) talk in about the Open Research at York events and community-led initiatives which aim to support and advocate for best practice in open research across the University.

Pondering on the Question of Community Sustainability

Latest version published on 19 April, 2021.

This post provides a summary of discussions and takeaways from the Community Sustainability session that Serah Rono and Toby Hodges facilitated at the March 2021 SORSE workshop.

Using the SSI Event Organisation Guide to plan the first Research Software Camp

Latest version published on 25 March, 2021.

The Software Sustainability Institute’s (SSI) Research Software Camp on research accessibility took place from 21 February to 5 March 2021. In this post, we will share how we used relevant sections of the SSI Event Organisation Guide to plan, organise, and deliver the Camp.

Can we improve the sustainability and reusability of academic surveys?

Latest version published on 9 March, 2021.

Surveys are used in academia to collect data, investigate research questions, or to understand environments and drive policy. Can we improve their sustainability and reusability?

Highlights from week two of our Research Software Camp on research accessibility

Latest version published on 5 March, 2021.

It’s the end of the second and final week of our inaugural Research Software Camp, which has focussed on different aspects of research accessibility. Read some of the highlights from week two.