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Posted by s.aragon on 26 May 2017 - 9:00am

Docker Containers & Reproducible ResearchBy Raniere Silva, Community Officer.

Docker Containers for Reproducible Research Workshop (C4RR) is only a month away, 27-28th of June 2017 at the University of Cambridge. This workshop offers many talks on the use of containers applied to improve reproducibility on desktop, cloud and HPC environments and some practical sessions.

For those interested in HPC, some talks will surely make the workshop worth for all our attendees, Michael Bauer's one about Singularity, Matthew Hartley's one about ways to make the transition from the desktop to the HPC smother and Jeroen Schot's one describing how the Dutch National e-Infrastructure is empowering containers.

Meanwhile, the talks from Nick James, David Mawdsley and Matthew Upson are aimed at attendees who are more interested in reproducibility. Nick will talk about an open source data analysis pipeline from the European Bioinformatics Institute that employs containers. If you are an R user and are looking for ways to use Knitr with Docker to make easy for your colleagues to reproduce your R Markdown documents, David's talk is for you. And Matthew will take the attendees through a journey of how literate programming tools, version control, continuous integration, code coverage and containers were used for statistics production for the first time in the UK Government.

In addition, some talks will be domain specific, such as Paul K. Gerke’s on Docker Containers for Deep Learning Experiments, Joshua Heimbach’s on InterMine, Anurag Priyam’s on oswitch, and James Mooney’s on digital preservation. We believe that a diverse group of attendees will enrich the experience and allow sharing information among everyone.

Some social activities are being planned for the night of 27th of June. These will be announced closer to the workshop.

It’s set to be informative, inspiring, collaborative and unique so register today!

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