Mentorship programme

The SSI Mentorship Programme offers support after attending foundation skills workshops to develop specific computational skills further.

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Providing one-to-one support

One of the conclusions the SSI drew from running the first RSC is that beginners and unskilled learners need additional support. As a result, we now integrate a supplementary 10- to 12-week mentorship programme where appropriate, allowing participants to receive follow-on training from volunteer mentors to further develop their skills and knowledge.

Applications to the programme have closed for 2023.

Our free Mentorship Programme will run again in 2024.

We ask that mentors and mentees commit to attending as these sessions help us check in with your progress. At the end of the programme, mentees receive certificates of completion.

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This [mentorship] programme was a valuable learning experience, and has encouraged me to continue to learn more about the field of Research Software Engineering, especially within the area of Psychology.

RSC mentee

Previous programmes

We have run three Mentorship Programmes to date:

  • The first Mentorship Programme ran from September to November 2021.
  • In 2022, the Programme took place between May and July.
  • The Mentorship Programme 2023 ran from April to June. Check out the video from the Graduation below. 

They all ran as part of SSI Research Software Camps organised in parallel.

Research Software Camps

We run free online Research Software Camps once a year over the course of two weeks. Each Camp focusses on introducing basic research software skills and good practices. 

We welcome researchers from all career stages to join in the live and offline discussions that will take place throughout the Camp. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be updating our pages and sharing more information on the upcoming Research Software Camp.