RSE Survey 2018: Results

Posted by o.philippe on 15 February 2019 - 9:00am
Distribution of RSEs per country

By Olivier Philippe, Policy Researcher, Software Sustainability Institute

Last year, we asked you to fill a survey about you and your job as a Research Software Engineer. The goal was to have a clear picture of who you are and what you're doing in order to help us to tailor our actions and to promote the role of RSE.
For this third iteration, we had more collaborators to adapt the survey to gather replies from more countries. We have included specific questions and answers for the following countries, and we've listed our main contacts there:

  • Australia: Manodeep Sinha, Nick May
  • Canada: Scott Henwood
  • Germany: Stephan Druskat, Katrin Leinweber, Stephan Janosch and Martin Hammitzsch
  • Netherlands: Ben van Werkhoven and Tom Bakker
  • New Zealand: Nooriyah P. Lohani
  • South Africa:  Anelda van der Walt
  • United States: Daniel Katz and Sandra Gesing

This year, we also had the possibility to include participants from all around the world, and not only from the seven countries mentioned above.

In total, we had 985 replies for the survey. In particular, a total of 237 unique responses from participants in the UK were analysed.

All the data and plotting are available on the repository link and a summary of some useful information can be found on the dedicated webpage.

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