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Posted by s.aragon on 24 May 2019 - 9:05am
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By Raniere Silva, Software Sustainability Institute.

It is with mixed emotions that I announce today is my last day as Community Officer at the Software Sustainability Institute.

This might not be a surprise for some as earlier this year we announced that we would be hiring a Research Software Community Officer/Manager. We interviewed amazing candidates in May and in the next couple of months you will know who will join the Institute to continue collaborating with Fellows and making Collaborations Workshop the best event that you can attend on the cross research space.

Almost three and half years ago, I moved from Brazil to Manchester, UK to join the Institute. I knew some members of the team due to my involvement with The Carpentries, e.g. Aleksandra Pawlik and Giacomo Peru, and the Journal of Open Research Software (JORS), e.g. Neil Chue Hong, and others were new faces. Work in a small and distributed team like the Software Sustainability Institute was fabulous (it exceeded all my expectations) and I learn a lot from my colleagues based in Manchester as well as those in Edinburgh, Oxford and Southampton who I will miss a lot.

Seeing the Fellows network grow to 130 members, follow the career and personal development of Fellows and work together with many of them during Collaborations Workshops and other events was the best part of my job. See the appendix of this blog for my memorable moments that were many.

Starting next week,I will be taking some time to travel and visit some friends that live hundreds of miles from the UK. During this time, I hope to get my hands dirty with all the new open science platforms created in the last three years that I couldn't follow up properly. If you have suggestions or want my feedback on something, please get in touch.

We say that we select Fellows for life and I’m looking forward to continuing as part of the vibrant community around the Software Sustainability Institute. Keep up the amazing work during the third phase of the Institute and I’ll see you around at workshops, community calls and on the mailing lists. If you want to get in touch, my personal email is raniere@rgaiacs.com.

Memorable moments in 120 characters per month

February, 2016: Attended first in-person all hands meeting and see the snow for the first time.

March, 2016: Attended my first Collaborations Workshop, go up to Arthur's Seat and visit the Surgeons' Hall Museums in Edinburgh.

April, 2016: Visited London for the first time and take part in Libre Graphics Meeting co-organised by Fellow Larisa Blazic.

May, 2016: Visited Brazil to run the SciPy Latin America that I started organising before joining the Institute.

June, 2016: Attended in-person meeting in Oxford and met Selina Aragon, who had just join us.

July, 2016: Ran the Data Research Visualisation Workshop, my first event with the Institute brand.

August, 2016: Took one week of annual leave to enjoy Summer.

September, 2016: Attended the first ever Research Software Engineers Conference and PyCon UK and Measuring Impact of Workshops.

October, 2016: Taught a Software Carpentry workshop alongside Aleksandra Nenadic at the University of Nottingham.

November, 2016: Flew to California due Google Summer of Code Mentors Summit.

December, 2016: Worked lowFAT, our Customer-relationship management mainly used for the Fellowship Programme.

January, 2017: Joined the Computational Mathematics with Jupyter workshop in Edinburgh with Fellows (Michael Croucher, Hans Fangohr, Alexander Konovalov), future Fellows (Tania Allard) and friends (Thomas Kluyver).

February, 2017: Attended Git Merge and FOSDEM.

March, 2017: Participated on Science Together, organised by Fellow David Perez-Suarez.

April, 2017: Played with Alexa, the Collaborations Workshop Hackday prize, when working with Emma Tattershall, Mateusz Kuzak, Jonathan Cooper, Eilis Hannon and Andrew Hufton.

May, 2017: Attended the first ever Advances in Data Science.

June, 2017: Ran the Docker Containers for Reproducible Research Workshop with the help of Fellows Stephen Eglen and Krishna Kumar.

July, 2017: Hosted a panel at EuroPython with Céline Boudier, Alice Harpole (Fellow) and Mateusz Kuzak.

August, 2017: Hosted David Perez-Suarez in Manchester during Gnome Conference.

September, 2017: Attended the second Research Software Engineers Conference—unlike movies, it was better than the first one.

October, 2017: Attended the Open Source Summit Europe and MozFest but miss PyCon UK.

November, 2017: Visited New York to contribute to the Diversity & Inclusion in Scientific Computing (DISC) meeting during PyData.

December, 2017: Joined a friend during Chaos Communication Congress.

January, 2018: Worked on backstage prep for Fellows Inaugural Meeting and Collaborations Workshop.

February, 2018: Productive in-person all hands meeting in beautiful North Berwick, Scotland, UK.

March, 2018: Led the organisation of Collaborations Workshop.

April, 2018: Spent hours and more hours to write Collaborations Workshop report.

May, 2018: Finished for the first time the Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run 10k with Aleksandra Nenadic as part of the Purple Wave.

June, 2018: CarpentryCon 2018, Debugging Numerical Software and Measuring Behavior 2018. Never had so many workshops back to back.

July, 2018: Gave a talk at EuroPython in Edinburgh.

August, 2018: Contributed to the four simple recommendations to encourage best practices in research software (or 4OSS).

September, 2018: Worked remotely from Brazil and missed all the fun during Research Software Engineers Conference and PyCon UK.

October, 2018: Met mindfulness maintainers at SustainOSS and MozFest, and carved pumpkins for Northwest Universities R Day.

November, 2018: Taught Advanced Shell Script in the workshop organised by Fellow Becky Arnold.

December, 2018: Announced the Fellowship Programme 2019 and stop with the innumerable queries about it.

January, 2019: Backstage work for the Fellowship Programme and Collaborations Workshop.

February, 2019: More backstage work for the Fellowship Programme and Collaborations Workshop.

March, 2019: Binder workshops organised by The Turing Way team.

April, 2019: Organised my last Collaborations Workshop.

May, 2019: Documented procedures and handover documents.

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