Have a great Christmas!

Posted by g.law on 18 December 2019 - 9:40am


 We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year in 2020.


And given it's that time of year - we decided to look back on everything we could have done better, and promise to improve next year. 




Neil Chue Hong, founding director and principal investigator of the Software Sustainability Institute

"To contribute to closing issues more often on the software I use, rather than just reporting them!"



Carole Goble, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Manchester and Institute co-investigator:

"To get FAIR software principles embedded into Elixir UK."



Simon Hettrick, deputy director and policy lead:

"To significantly cut down on the time I spend on analysis by remembering the mantra "inplace=True"."


Les Carr, web scientist and open access advocate, and Institute co-investigator:

"I would like every piece of documentation, every tutorial introduction and every piece of example code to have a BEST BEFORE date attached to it, to warn me that trying to use it now will just make me feel bad. (I'm looking at you, D3 and Gephi.)"



Shoaib Ahmed Sufi, community lead: 

"As a manager, weeks can go past without reading any code. So I guess try to read and understand at least one line of code per day."



Steve Crouch, software architect and Research Software Group lead:

"Mine is to increase my use of automation, like Ansible for provisioning and deployment, to speed up more things that can easily be done by a computer."


Rachael Ainsworth, community manager:

"Automate all the things! And create GitHub repository templates for the Fellowship programme and Collaborations Workshop. Although my main resolution is to facilitate more community building within the SSI Fellows cohort through community calls and collaboration."



Aleksandra Nenadic, training lead:

"Just code more."



Claire Wyatt, community manager for UK Research Software Engineering:

"Start to learn to code ... just start! Somewhere and something easy and fun. No big promises, though. Just making a start!"


Caroline Jay, reader in Empirically Sound Software Engineering in the School of Computer Science, University of Manchester

"Work on my software citation process, and minimise links to GitHub in the references section, or (ahem) footnotes ... "


Ania Brown

"Mine is to write up code snippets and how-tos when I solve a problem to avoid searching how to do it over and over again."


Philip Grylls:

"Spend more time thinking upfront about optimisation and flexibility to save time later by having reusable (and well-documented) code. "Far too many things in the past have been two entirely separate funtions because they need to do two very slightly different things)."