CW14 Collaborative Ideas Sessions

This year at CW14 we are not only running collaborative ideas session but also asking for pitches for the CW Hackday (HD). In both cases, the requirements are very similar. Therefore we are treating them in the same way.

hands on laptop keyboard

How to participate

The first thing you need to do is develop a pitch, which is a succinct description of a problem in computational research, and a solution with a diagram/illustration to support the explanation. This also requires a title

The pitch should be something that an interdisciplinary group of around three to six people, including researchers and developers, could use to drive the production of a prototype within 24 hours. Pitches should be delivered in such a way that another researcher could use it as a plan to develop code for the CW14 Hackday. 

The total text of the pitch should ideally be 100 to 300 words in length and have one explanatory diagram or, at most, two.

In the case of the collaborative ideas session, these pitches will then be printed and featured on poster boards and so need to be accessible for readers so as to guarantee the most votes.

Not all pitches from collaborative ideas session will go on to be used in the Hackday, but there will be a prize for the best pitch regardless of whether it is later included. Pitches can also be made during the Hackday evening night but should still be registered using the form below.

While it is not obligatory, we would prefer if there was some link between the pitch and the CW14 theme, but if not, you can still win the top prize if you enter.


For the main CW14 there will be a prize for each member of the team who come up with the best collaborative idea from the collaborative ideas sessions. During the lunch and afternoon coffee break on the 27 March, participants will get a chance to vote on what idea they thought was best (the ideas will be posted on poster boards in the form of one A4 page and you will each get three sticky dots to vote for your favourite one, two or three; the idea with the most dots wins - if there is a tie, CW14 Steering group members will decide who wins). The winning team will get £30 pounds worth of Amazon vouchers each (the only caveat is that you only get the prize if you stay till 5pm on 27 March on day 2 of CW14).