Data Carpentry

Data Carpentry is programme inspired by Software Carpentry. Both programmes maintain close ties which helps to build a community of practice among the instructors and expand the base of teaching materials. Data Carpentry aims to teach the skills that will enable researchers to be more effective and productive in working with data.

As an official Data Carpentry Foundation Partner, we coordinate Software Carpentry activities in the UK by helping organise workshops for the UK research community. For more information about our collaboration with Data Carpentry or organising a Data Carpentry workshop in the UK, email us at

What is Data Carpentry

Data Carpentry Foundation is a sister organisation of Software Carpentry Foundation designed to teach researchers skills to retrieve, view, manipulate, analyse and store their or other people's data in an open and reproducible way.

Data Carpentry workshops have been running since 2014. As in Software Carpentry, teaching is delivered through intensive two-day workshops. Contrary to Software Carpentry, Data Carpentry designs the workshops to fit into needs of particular domains.

The core curriculum taught at Data Carpentry workshops includes:

  • Caveats of working with spreadsheets;
  • Cleaning data with Open Refine;
  • Data manipulation and visualisation with R or Python;
  • Introduction to SQL and relational databases;
  • Automating repetitive task by working with UNIX shell;
  • Version control using Git.

What we offer

We provide advice on the organisation and running of workshops. This includes possible adjusting of the syllabus, helping to recruit instructors and helpers for workshops from pool of volunteers shared with Software Carpentry, advising on publicity and providing support in all aspects of organising, or hosting, a workshop. For more on workshops please see:

We organised our first Data Carpentry workshop in the UK in November 2014 at the University of Manchester.