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Aleksandra Nenadic

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Aleksandra Nenadic

Aleksandra Nenadic

Training Team Lead

Aleks leads the SSI’s training activities and is based at the eScience Lab group at the University of Manchester. She has been committed to ongoing improvement of research software practice through training and community engagement - improving the provision and access to training in foundational computational and data analysis skills to aid open and reproducible research by diffusion of a model of training based on pedagogical research and principles of openness and collaboration - aligned to those of The Carpentries. Aleks has been helping maintain the UK’s pivotal role within the international research training community by running events, providing guidance to organisations and individuals in delivering training for their communities, handling national and international collaborations and helping increase the scale at which we create computationally skilled researcher base by delivering instructor training and lesson development programmes, with a particular focus on inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility strategies for sidelined audiences.

Aleks joined the SSI in June 2016 from her position as Training Coordinator for Infrastructure Technology within the UK node of the ELIXIR life sciences consortium. In her ELIXIR role, Aleks was responsible for managing technical training (predominantly rolling out Software and Data Carpentry programme within Europe) and the development of ELIXIR’s training portal TeSS. She has also led the development of a BioSchema for Training Materials in 2016, proposing a standard and encouraging people in life sciences to use Schema markup to structure their online training resources consistently.

Prior to her role in ELIXIR, Aleks used to as a software engineer and product manager in industry and academia, as well as a researcher in computer science. Aleks holds an undergraduate degree in maths and computer science and a PhD in security protocols.

ORCID: 0000-0002-2269-3894

Field of expertise: training, Carpentries, lesson development, research software, community engagement, event organisation, project management