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Danny Wong

Danny Wong

SSI fellow

Anaesthetist and PhD Candidate, National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia Health Services Research Centre, Royal College of Anaesthetists & UCL


My research interests include anaesthesia, perioperative medicine, and statistical computing & mapping with R & QGIS.

My work

I am an anaesthetist from London, currently undertaking research with the National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia Health Services Research Centre (NIAA HSRC), and registered for an MPhil/PhD at the Department of Applied Health Research (DAHR), UCL. My clinical work involves anaesthetising patients for surgery, providing pain relief to women in labour, and caring for patients on the Intensive Care Unit. Therefore my research interests My research project is the Epidemiology of Critical Care provision after Surgery (EpiCCS), which will be a UK-wide cohort study looking at how high-risk surgery patients access Intensive and High Dependency (ICU/HDU) care after their operations. In addition it will look at whether ICU/HDU care improves patient outcomes. EpiCCS has been designated the 2nd Sprint National Anaesthesia Project (SNAP-2).

Researchers in my academic area are very new to the concept of completely open and reproducible research. We are accustomed to using different close-sourced software in a silo fashion, often using one application to acquire data, another to clean data, then another to perform statistical analysis and finally another to write about our findings, before submitting our work to a journal for publication. I hope to make use of the SSI Fellowship to bring my colleagues around to another way of doing things, using scripts to create data pipelines in R, analysing and writing simultaneously in Rmarkdown, and disseminating our findings in an open, transparent way. I hope to also use the Fellowship as an opportunity to build reproducible science tools that will enable collaborative working in my research field. This could take the form of an R package that will be open source and sustainable, and immediately available for others to use.

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