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David Wilby

David Wilby

SSI fellow

The University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield


Best practice in research software

Short Biography

I'm a Research Software Engineer (RSE) with an interest in using and advocating for best practice in code written for research.

During a PhD and postdoctoral roles in physics and sensory biology research using a wide range of computational techniques, I gained experience of a wide range of computational skills and programming languages including Python, MATLAB, R and high-performance computing.

As an RSE since 2019 I've been working on a number of research projects including natural language processing, web apps, APIs and desktop apps as well as teaching and assisting on courses on git, python, HPC and others.

With my SSI fellowship, I have a particular interest in researching and encouraging methods of best practice in MATLAB, with the goals of meeting the needs of the user community in producing sustainable research software.

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