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Jesper Dramsch

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Jesper Dramsch

Jesper Dramsch

SSI fellow




  • Reproducibility for Machine Learning in the Sciences
  • Physics
  • Programming
  • Gaming
  • Board games
  • Climbing


Jesper Dramsch works at the intersection of machine learning and physical, real-world data. Currently, they're working as a scientist for machine learning in numerical weather prediction at the coordinated organisation ECMWF.

Before, Jesper has worked on applied exploratory machine learning problems, e.g. satellites and Lidar imaging on trains, and defended a PhD in machine learning for geoscience. During the PhD, Jesper wrote multiple publications and often presented at workshops and conferences, eventually holding keynote presentations on the future of machine learning.

Moreover, they worked as consultant machine learning and Python educator in international companies and the UK government. Their courses on Skillshare have been watched over 25 days by over 2000 students. Additionally, they create educational notebooks on Kaggle, reaching rank 81 worldwide.

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