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Jon Massey

Jon Massey

SSI fellow

University of Oxford


My research interests predominantly focus on antimicrobial resistance (AMR), sustainable food production, and applied data science to unlock the potential in disparate, heterogeneous, and unstructured data sets.

My work

I am a PhD Student at Bristol Veterinary School also based at Bristol Medical School’s Centre for Population Health Sciences. I am primarily working on the One Health AMR Research Data Platform (OH-HARP) which seeks to bring together disparate routinely-collected data pertinent to the understanding of transmission and selection of antimicrobial resistance between animals, humans, and their shared environments. In order to achieve this, we are bringing clarity to the legal, social, and technical context in which data routinely captured by veterinarians, farmers, and others may be safely shared with researchers, and building tools to protect, harmonise, link, and analyse these data.

I am working on novel applications of privacy-preserving record linkage for livestock data, engaging with policymakers and industry bodies to agree the terms on which researchers may gain access to potentially-identifiable data sets pertinent to AMR. I am defining ontologies of veterinary medicines and the ways in which they are used, open data interchange standards, and natural language processing pipelines for entity recognition and information extraction from free texts regarding veterinary medicines

I also have an academic and industrial background in data warehousing, machine vision, agritech R&D, and software regression test optimisation; and maintain an ongoing interest in these fields.

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