Heroes of software engineering

HerculesAndHydra_0.jpgIn this series, Ian Cottam (IT Services Research Lead, The University of Manchester) talks through his heroes of software engineering, from the inventor of the World Wide Web to the team behind "The most amazing software you’ll never see".

  1. Welsh and Quinn: bringing Pascal to the British Isles from its origin in Switzerland
  2. Mcillroy and Thompson: without whom there would be no pipelines
  3. Tim Berners-Lee: inventor of the World Wide Web
  4. The men and women at Transitive: helping Apple move from the PowerPC to Intel x86
  5. Miron Livny and HTCondor: creators of a high-throughput computing software framework
  6. David Howarth: creator of the Atlas Supervisor.
  7. Brian Kernighan: the man who put the K in…
  8. The Dropbox development team, who know how to make software work, and also when to say no.

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