Bioinformatics Open Source Conference 2019: Call for submissions

Posted by s.aragon on 13 May 2019 - 9:18am
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The late round of abstract submissions to BOSC2019 is open now. BOSC welcomes submissions about all aspects of open source bioinformatics, open science and open data. The Bioinformatics Open Source Conference promotes and facilitates the open source development of bioinformatics tools and open science. BOSC 2019 will be part of ISMB/ECCB in Basel.

The deadline for submissions is Thursday, May 15, at 23:59 UTC-12.

A few tips from the organisers to increase your chances of success:

1. Work discussed in BOSC presentations must be open source, with a recognised open source license and a URL for accessing your code. Submissions that don’t meet those requirements will be rejected.
2. We look for impact in building or sustaining open source communities. It’s ok if your project is just getting started–tell us about how it will help the community, and how others will be able to contribute to it in the future.
3. If you submitted an abstract in the first round and didn’t get selected for a talk, you can revise your abstract and make a new submission in the late round. (You can’t just update your previous submission–you must start a new one in order to be considered for the late round.)
4. All submissions must include a 200-word summary. A one- or two-page PDF is also encouraged, though not required for poster-only submissions. We hope you’ll use the extra space to tell us more about your project and how it fits into the bioinformatics open source ecosystem, and maybe add some cool pictures, too!

Find out more about the call.

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