Nikoleta E. Glynatsi and Yo Yehudi – new Open Source Toolkit channel editors for Software

Posted by s.aragon on 30 June 2018 - 3:38pm
Drawing of a robot
Photo by 수안 최 

The Software Sustainability Institute is pleased to announced that Yo Yehudi and Nikoleta Glynatsi, Institute Fellows, are the new Open Source Toolkit channel editors for software.

Yo’s and Nikoleta’s plans are to highlight examples of high-quality open source research software that is accessible and installable. In other words, they will aim to showcase examples of easily-used and reused research software.

The Open Source Toolkit a global forum for open source hardware and software research and application. Until now, the channel had gathered articles, projects and resources and how open source tools can lead to innovation, democratisation and increased reproducibility, with a particular focus on hardware rather than software.