Nominations open for the inaugural Open Publishing Awards

Posted by n.chuehong on 3 September 2019 - 9:00am
ship door with open and closed markings
Photograph by Atelier Teee

The inaugural Open Publishing Awards celebrate all things Open in publishing, and are being implemented by Coko. Nominations are currently being sought in two categories: Open Source Software and Open Content.

Open Source Software

Open Source Software in the Publishing sector. This can include publishing platforms, repositories, curatorial management systems, peer-review systems, pre-print platforms, and tools that are used further down the line by authors and researchers such as notebooks, data analysis tools, and editors. The only criteria is that the project uses an open source licence (such as those defined by the Open Source Initiative). Nominations may be for a project or organisation.

Open Content

All content types emanating from the Publishing sector are eligible including Open Access articles, open monographs, Open Educational Resource Materials, open data, open textbooks etc. The only criteria is that the project uses an open content licence (such as Creative Commons or similar). Nominations may be for a single work or group (in the form of a collection, project, or organisation).


Software Sustainability Institute Director, Neil Chue Hong, is one of the judges of these awards and would like to encourage members of the SSI community to participate by nominating any open software project or open content item for recognition within this wonderful program. Nominations are open until September 19, and the results will be announced at a ceremony and reception at the FORCE19 meeting in Edinburgh.