Take part in our survey of digital methods and software for economics and social sciences

Posted by j.laird on 10 February 2022 - 2:00pm

ESRC logoTake part in our survey to help improve the understanding of digital methods and software in the economics and social sciences research areas. 

This survey takes around 15 minutes to respond. There will be a prize draw for 5x £30 shopping vouchers for people who respond to the survey and wish to be entered. Participants should be linked to a UK-based institution. 

Your responses will help us improve the understanding of the digital methods and software that people use or wish they could use in areas such as: education, psychology, human geography, social anthropology, economics, linguistics, social work, social policy, sociology, environmental planning, geography, law, demography, management and business studies, and other pertinent areas not listed here which fall within the remit of the economics and social sciences. 

We are seeking input from all different roles and career stages, including researchers, students, senior decision makers, curators, librarians and software developers. Make your voice and experience heard by answering the survey, and help us spread the word (you can retweet us) by encouraging your colleagues and network to answer it too. 

Follow-up interviews and further information

This survey is part of a wider study conducted by the Software Sustainability Institute to understand how software and data are used by people working in projects within the areas of economics and social sciences research. This study is funded by the Economics and Social Sciences Research Council (ESRC). 

As part of our study, we will conduct additional interviews to further explore some of the issues/questions raised by participants. The combined knowledge from the survey and interviews will help inform ESRC digital infrastructure funding. 

You can register your interest to participate in the interviews in the last page of the survey. Each person who is selected for an interview will be given a £50 shopping voucher. Please note that we will have to limit the number of interviews we conduct. 

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact info@software.ac.uk.

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