“Ten simple rules for measuring the impact of workshops” published now

Posted by s.aragon on 14 September 2018 - 9:00am
Image courtesy of Laineys Repertoire.

“Ten simple rules for measuring the impact of workshops” (Sufi S, Nenadic A, Silva R, Duckles B, Simera I, de Beyer JA, et al.), now published in PLOS, outlines the rules that can improve the measurement of the impact of workshops.

Workshops are used to explore a specific topic, to transfer knowledge, to solve identified problems, or to create something new. In funded research projects and other research endeavours, workshops are the mechanism used to gather the wider project, community, or interested people together around a particular topic. However, natural questions arise: how do we measure the impact of these workshops? Do we know whether they are meeting the goals and objectives we set for them? What indicators should we use?

The paper is the main outcome of The Measuring the Impact of Workshops (MIW) workshop, which took place on 20th September 2016 at the Oxford e-Research Centre. MIW brought together people interested in evaluating the impact of their workshops in a better way, to collect data for funders, to improve future events and to show their value to potential attendees.