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Training roundup - March 2022

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Training roundup - March 2022

Aleksandra Nenadic

Aleksandra Nenadic

Training Team Lead

Posted on 1 March 2022

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Training roundup - March 2022

Posted by j.laird on 1 March 2022 - 10:00am Coloured pencils in a circlePhoto by Agence Olloweb on Unsplash

Here our Training Lead, Aleksandra Nenadic has rounded up our training updates and upcoming events. If you’d like to see an upcoming workshop or an important training-related update included here, get in touch!

Upcoming training events/workshops

If you want to learn how to develop lessons collaboratively and have an idea for developing a new lesson from scratch with a group of collaborators (at least one of which should be a certified Carpentries Instructor) you can apply to join The Carpentries Collaborative Lesson Development Training Pilots.

The Alan Turing Institute is organising a "Data science education interest group: launch event”, 2 March 2022, 14:00 - 15:00 GMT. This interest group is aimed at addressing the skills challenges in data science and AI, and identifying good practices for education and skills provision.

JISC Digifest 2022 will take place on 8-9 March in Birmingham and online. Digifest is the UK’s leading learning and teaching edtech conference, bringing together the UK’s learning and teaching community to consider the next stage in the evolution of learning.


Below are some updates of developments in the last couple of months and what our training team is currently working on.

The Research Software Camp: Next Steps in Coding will take place from the 16-27 May 2022. It will focus on building on computational and research software skills. You can sign up to become a mentor as part of the Camp’s Learning to Code mentorship programme. The organising committee are currently planning the content for the Camp, and will also soon be looking for workshop proposals.

For new and seasoned lesson developers

Collaborative Lesson Development Training is a new program being piloted by The Carpentries in 2022 to teach the skills required to collaboratively create open source lessons using the Carpentries lesson infrastructure. The training will focus on three main topics:

  • Good practice in lesson design
  • Creating lesson websites with The Carpentries lesson infrastructure
  • Collaboration skills

If you want to learn how to develop lessons collaboratively and have an idea for developing a new lesson from scratch solo or with a group of collaborators - apply to join the Carpentries Collaborative Lesson Development Training Pilots. More details on the application process are available online.

For those who already have a lesson under development in the Carpentries Incubator, The Carpentries are piloting a new program of open peer review of lessons in collaboration with the Journal of Open Science Education. Peer-reviewed Incubator lessons will graduate and be published in the Carpentries Lab. For more details - read The Carpentries blog.

UK Carpentry community calls

Join us every fourth Monday of the month for the monthly UK Carpentry community calls where UK Carpentry instructors, helpers and workshop coordinators (or anyone involved in training tech to researchers in general and outside of the UK) get together to hear from each other and collaborate.

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