Women in HPC at ISC 2017: Call for Posters now open

Deadline for submissions 30 April 2017. 

To submit your work, please prepare a short abstract (250 words). 

For full details please visit the workshop's event page.

Women in HPC will once again attend the ISC High Performance Computing conference to discuss diversity and will bring together women from across the international HPC community, providing opportunities to network, showcasing the work of inspiring women and discussing how we can all work towards to improving the under-representation of women in supercomputing.

The Diversifying the HPC community workshop aims to recognise and discuss the challenges faced by women, one of many underrepresented groups that exist in HPC, as well as opportunities for broadening participation in HPC fields and activities to encourage women to enter the field with consideration of differing legislation affecting hiring and employment practices among the different countries. This workshop will take place on Thursday 22nd June 2017 at ISC High Performance Computing conference.

Panel discussion and breakout sessions

We will host a panel discussion and breakout sessions inviting questions and suggestions from the audience on how employers can help diversify the HPC workforce, the obstacles employers face, and sharing best practise across the international community from a variety of HPC employers.

Breakout 1 (Improving Diversity in the Workplace): What methods have you put in place to improve workplace diversity?

Breakout 2 (Career Development/Mentoring): Skills to thrive; sharing your experiences and advice on your successes in the workplace.

As part of the workshop we will be inviting submissions from female early career researchers to present their work as a poster in a supportive environment that promotes the engagement of women in HPC research and applications, providing opportunities for peer to peer networking and the opportunity to interact with female role models.

Posted by s.aragon on 17 April 2017 - 3:38pm