Workshop: Testing and Continuous Integration on High Performance Computing Platforms

Posted by s.aragon on 30 October 2017 - 11:36am

Software Sustainability Institute Fellow Edward Smith is organising an informal workshop on the 10th November, funded by the Software Sustainability Institute and hosted by Imperial College London (Sir Alexander Fleming Building SAFB 119), to bring together UK research software engineers for a discussion on Testing and Continuous Integration on High Performance Computing Platforms. This will include software engineers from UK institutions, including Imperial, Cambridge, UCL and SESC. The aim of this meeting will be to identify problems and existing solutions, discuss current and best practice and coordinate efforts in the development of the national framework.

Please have a look at a tentative plan for the day.

The workshop is free, includes coffee and lunch with some money available for travel. Places are limited to thirty applicants, with preference given to attendees willing to give a relevant talk.

To sign up, please fill in this form.