Agile Software Development

Peter Schmidt discusses how agile practices have changed.
By Jeremy Cohen, Niels Drost, Vahid Garousi, Dafne van Kuppevelt, Reed Milewicz, Ben van Werkhoven, and Lasse Wollatz. Software plays an increasingly important role in all aspects of the modern scientific enterprise. The practice of developing scientific software, however, is still young and uncultivated compared to more traditional methods and instruments.

By Devasena Inupakutika, Software Consultant at the Software Sustainability Institute.

It was going so well. Your team has just built the software it was asked to, but changing circumstances mean your product is no longer relevant. This is, to say the least, a problem. Your organisation has spent resources, time and – needless to say - money creating a product no one wants anymore. With that in mind, you decide from then on to make a transition to agile software development.

The agile approach has an edge over sequential…

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