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By Alastair Downie, Head of IT at The Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge This blog post was first published on the IT and Research Data Management in the Gurdon Institute blog.
By Marta Teperek and Alastair Dunning, TU Delft. Recommendations on how to better support researchers in good data management and sharing practices are typically focused on developing new tools or improving infrastructure. Yet research shows the most common obstacles are actually cultural, not technological. Marta Teperek and Alastair Dunning outline how appointing data stewards and data champions can be key to improving research data management through positive cultural change.
By Martin Donnelly, University of Edinburgh. Late last month, I took a day trip to the Netherlands to attend an event at TU Delft entitled “Towards cultural change in data management – data stewardship in practice”. My Software Sustainability Institute Fellowship application “pitch” last year had been based around building bridges and sharing strategies and lessons between advocacy approaches for data and software management, and encouraging more holistic approaches to managing (and simply thinking about) research outputs in general. When I signed up for the event I expected it to focus…


View of the 260 tonne water tank that will house the LZ experiment, located 1 mile underground in Davis Cavern of the Sanford Underground Research Facility, South Dakota.

A draft concordat on Open Research Data has been developed under the auspices of the UK Open Research Data Forum by a multi-stakeholder working group,

By Mike Jackson, Software Architect.

Software management plans set down goals and processes that ensure software is accessible and reusable throughout a project and beyond. To complement our guide on Writing and using a software management plan we have now developed a prototype software management plan service, powered by the Digital Curation Centre's data management plan service, DMPonline.

By Dr. Róisín Moriarty Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research.

I recently collaborated on a massive data collection exercise. Why? The pursuit of knowledge and run-of-the-mill scientific endeavor, that’s why! In truth, we needed data: the datasets of interest had yet to be compiled. On a pretty limited timescale and with almost no budget, we had no choice but to bite the bullet and compile the data ourselves. What happens when early career researchers pick up an idea from within their community and run with it? We might not have set the world of scientific research alight, but…

It is easy to concentrate on the short-term issues when developing scientific software. Deadlines for publications, collaboration with others and the demands of a daily routine all conspire to prevent proper planning. A software management plan can help to formalise a set of structures and goals that ensure your software is accessible and reusable in the short, medium and long term.

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