By Gabriella Rustici, Associate Director of Training at HDR UK. A shortage of statistical and computational skills [1] is well recognised in the health care sector and advances in technologies such as Artificial Intelligence [2] (AI) will create an even greater skill mismatch in the future.

This Instructor Training was a part of an ELIXIR pilot project for rolling out Data Carpentry and Software Carpentry within ELIXIR Nodes. 20 new instructors based in 7 different countries were trained during this two day event which took place 13-14th January 2016. 

By Aleksandra Pawlik, Training Lead.

It’s been a busy month in the training team, despite the holidays, with a lot of strategic planning, new instructor training being organised, dabbling in taster sessions, and workshops being organised.

The Oxford e-Research Centre is looking for a Research Software Engineer to join their team. The ideal candidate will be a motivated individual with software engineering experience (web application frameworks or backend development) and leadership ability to contribute to:

a growing portfolio of data and knowledge management projects funded by several UK, EU, NIH and pharma-funded projects, infrastructure activities for the ELIXIR-UK node of the ELIXIR-EXCELERATE programme, two NIH Big Data to Knowledge Initiative’s centres around data indexing and metadata registry.


By Aleksandra Pawlik, Training Lead.

This is the last in this month's blog posts taking you around the different activities of the Institute. Today, we feature the Training team.

The training team has been travelling all over the UK and Europe to engage with learners from many different disciplines. We also report on an upcoming visit to the British Science Festival, and interesting new developments with Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry.

Supporting ELIXIR UK in training for bioinformatics

The Institute carries on its activities successfully supporting…

ELIXIR Slovenia organised its first Data Carpentry Workshop on 21-22 July 2015 in Ljubljana, as part of the ELIXIR Data and Software Carpentry Pilot action. It was hosted by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana and the National Institute of Biology, and supported by the ELIXIR UK, the Data Carpentry Pilot coordinator.

Led by the Institute's Aleksandra Pawlik and Aleksandra Nenadic from ELIXIR UK, the workshop was attended by over 30 participants from all fields of life science. All places in the workshop were sold out within a few days of the registration opening and…

By Aleksandra Pawlik, Training Lead.

Last week the Institute helped to run Data Carpentry hackathon and workshop at the University of Utrecht in Netherlands. Both events were a part of ELIXIR Pilot Project aiming to develop Data and Software Carpentry training across the ELIXIR Nodes. The project is coordinated by ELIXIR UK and a number of other Nodes are partnering up, including ELIXIR Netherlands, ELIXIR Finland and ELIXIR Switzerland.

The hackathon consisted of two days during which the participants, representing ten ELIXIR Nodes, worked on Data Carpentry…

The Oxford e-Research Centre is looking for a new research software engineer to work on a range of life science and biomedical projects, including the ELIXIR project.

Successful candidates will have experience in Java, Python, web application development, databases and the semantic web. They are also expected to have in-depth knowledge of XML, XSD, CSS and AJAX, and be able to work in a wide range of software environments. A knowledge of agile programming methods and design packages is also highly desirable.

They will also be able to advise and lead a growing range of…

By Alasdair J G Gray, Lecturer in Computer Science, Heriot-Watt University

At the end of June, a group of individuals from across Europe came together in Leiden for the first FAIRport-ELIXIR Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) workshop, which was also sponsored by the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences. None of us quite knew what would happen but we were all excited that such an event was taking place. The result was better than we expected.

This first BYOD workshop combined experts in Linked Data as well as in MycoBase and the Human Protein Atlas. The participants were evenly split…

Play your part in upskilling the next generation of scientists across the UK and Europe! ELIXIR-UK is seeking a couple of dynamic individuals to lead the coordination of training in the UK, and across Europe.

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