Collaborations Workshop 2019 (CW19) will take place from Monday 1st to Wednesday 3rd April 2019 at Loughborough University in the West Park Teaching Hub. The Software Sustainability Institute’s Collaborations Workshop series brings together researchers, developers, innovators, managers, funders, publishers, leaders and educators to explore best practices and the future of research software.

FORCE11 (Future of Research Communications and E-Scholarship)—a global community of researchers, students, librarians, publishers, funders and scholars interested in the future of scholarship—is pleased to announce the launch of its new annual Summer Institute in Scholarly Commu

With all the excitement about RSEs over the last couple of years, we knew it was the right time to run a conference to bring them together. We’ve had workshops and AGMs, but this was going to be bigger, better and way more intense. The thing that impressed me most was the buzz. We attracted a lot of new people, but they were interacting like old friends. We worked hard to have an inclusive event, but I think this is also representative of people feeling a part of the community. As one of the emails we received said: “This might have been my 30th conference but it was the first where I felt…

The 2016 Technology Exchange—presented by Internet2 and co-hosted by Florida International University, The University of Florida, and Florida LambdaRail from September 25-28 in Miami—will provide an opportunity for just that and more. The annual event is designed to cross-pollinate ideas both within and among the four major technical communities convened.


By Rosa Filgueira, Research Assistant, School of Informatics, Data Intensive Research Group, University of Edinburgh.

I attended for the first time the American Geophysical Union (AGU) fall meeting in December 2015 in San Francisco. The main purpose of AGU is to promote discovery in Earth and space science for the benefit of humanity.  In AGU, you can find a wide range of…


PDESoft provides a forum for the developers and users of open-source tools solving the diverse stages of the numerical PDE process to exchange the latest developments and discuss future ideas.

PDESoft 2016 will be held at the University of Warwick, UK. The conference will run from 4 to 6 July and the remaining time will be 

Collaborations Workshop 2016 (CW16) takes place at The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh on 21-23 March 2016.

By Sarah Mount, Research Associate King’s College London and Institute Fellow.

The first ever PyCon UK track for Research Software Engineers ended with a bang, when the conference venue was evacuated following the discovery of a one ton World War II bomb at a local building site! However, there was plenty of explosive material at the event, even before the bomb squad arrived.

You might be wondering, why another track for researchers in a Python conference? The answer isn’t simply that Python is popular in science and data analysis. PyCon UK is a community conference, it has…

Institute Fellow Russell Garwood and colleagues are organising a SPIERS training course on the first day of the Annual Meeting of the Palaeontological Association in Cardiff, kindly supported by the Software Sustainability Institute.

SPIERS (Serial Palaeontological Image Editing and Rendering System) is a package of three programs for the reconstruction and analysis of tomographic (serial image) datasets, such as those obtained from serial-grinding of specimens, or from CT scanning. It is freely available and fully documented.

To find out more visit the course page.

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