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Ashley Smith reflects on taking part in our Learning to Code mentorship programme to develop intermediate software engineering skills for the Swarm spacecraft mission.
Sam Gubbins reflects on taking part in our Research Software Camp's mentorship programme.
By Mario Antonioletti, Learning to Code Mentorship Programme mentor I volunteered as a mentor as part of the SSI’s Beyond the Spreadsheet Research Software Camps. I was motivated by the fact that I wanted to set up a similar time-limited mentoring scheme for the Community of Edinburgh RSEs where synergies in domain expertise could be coupled with programming skills, or as part of the Edinburgh Carpentries where people would go back to their day jobs after a Carpentries course to try and apply what they have learned to their own projects/data where they may need a little help to get started…
Are you new to coding in academia and looking to improve your skills? Take part in our Learning to Code mentorship programme!
We are looking for Research Software Engineers (even if that's not your current job title) to volunteer in our upcoming Research Software Camp: Next Steps in Coding. There are opportunities to get involved in our Software Surgery and/or our Learning to Code mentorship programme.
We’ve been running a Learning to Code mentorship programme as part of our Research Software Camp: Beyond the Spreadsheet, focussing on the uses of spreadsheets in research and the next steps into further use of software. We spoke to four participants in the programme about their experiences of learning to code in a podcast episode hosted by Code for Thought.
Yenn Lee describes her experience of taking part in the Research Software Camp learning to code programme.
By Amirah Khan. I took part in the ‘learning to code’ programme as part of the ‘Beyond the Spreadsheet’ Research Software Camp. I was mentored by Sadie Bartholomew, a Research Software Engineer who guided me through learning Python. I’ll share my reasons for volunteering, an overview of my project, and my journey throughout the programme. 
Dr Rebecca Hamilton discusses her learning from the Research Software Camp's learning to code programme.
SSI Fellow Emma Karoune discusses her journey in learning to code.
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