Programme for the Research Software Camp: Beyond the spreadsheet

This programme includes the schedule for live sessions, blog posts, guides, and other planned content.

All of the sessions, content and resources run and published as part of the Research Software Camp: Beyond the spreadsheet are free to access. We reserve the right to modify the programme below according to new circumstances.

We will add links to the items below as and when they become available.

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Before the Camp

26 October10:00 AMExcel meets Lambda – Andy Gordon, Jack Williams, and Matt McCutchen
27 October10:00 AMIn Defence of the Spreadsheet: Data and historical research – Lucy Huggins
28 October10:00 AMWelcome to the Research Software Camp: Beyond the Spreadsheet video – Selina Aragon, Research Software Camp Chair.

Week 1 (1-5 November)

1 November8:00 AMRS Camp kick-off [news]
1 November10:00 AM5 myths when learning to code – Steve Crouch [guide]
1 November2:00 PMUsing Python to double check your work – Peter Inglesby [blog post]
2 November10:00 AMRightfield: Stealthy semantic annotation with spreadsheets – Stuart Owen and Katie Woltenscroft
2 November2:30 PMDon't be afraid! Anyone can learn to code – Emma Karoune [blog post]
3 November10:00 AMOpenRefine workshop – Lucia Michielin
3 November2:30 PMReading Human Biomechanics Data into R – Rebecca Hamilton [blog post]
4 November12:00 PMGoogle Sheets workshop
4 November2:30 PMTop tips to start coding in academia – Sam Mangham [guide]
5 November9:00 AMSignpost to resources - Jacalyn Laird [blog post]
5 November10:00 AMFilament workshop
5 November2:00 PMPanel discussion: Do we have the right tools for research?


Week 2 (8-12 November)

8 November10:00 AMLearning to code: my experience as a Psychology graduate - Amirah Khan [blog post]
8 November2:00 PMThe spreadsheet memes we can all relate to – Rachael Ainsworth [blog post]
9 November10:00 AMBelow-the-line conversations: A computer-facilitated case study of Guardian reader comments - Yenn Lee [blog post]
9 November1:00 PMCoding confessions at SeptembeRSE [blog post]
9 November2:00 PMFrom spreadsheets to R workshop
10 November10:00 AMThe art of coding without coding with MATLAB Live tasks - Mike Croucher [blog post]
11 November11:00 AMTraining resources for researchers that want to learn to code - Will Hulme, Aleksandra Nenadic, and Selina Aragon [blog post]
12 November9:00 AMLearning to code at the Research Software Camp: Beyond the spreadsheet [podcast episode].
  Highlights of the Camp [blog post]