SSI fellow Leonardo Uieda shares his experience bringing together UK geoscientists who code for “Geo+Code”, a 1-day event in Liverpool.
The inaugural Festival of Hidden REF is coming to Bristol on Thursday 21 September 2023. This unique event will bring together policymakers, publishers, and people in non-traditional research roles to explore ways of improving the assessment of research in the UK.
With the increase in “hybrid working” (part-time in the office, part-time from home) in recent years, the need for hybrid events – meetings, conferences, workshops – has become greater.
SSI Fellow James Byrne reflects on and recaps his experience at Collaborations Workshop 2023.
SSI Fellow Kim Martin reflects on her experience discovering RSE, becoming an SSI fellow, presenting at RSECon22, and starting an RSE group in South Africa.
We are excited to announce that The Alan Turing Institute are Platinum Sponsors of Collaborations Workshop 2023 (CW23), taking place as a hybrid event from Tuesday 2 May to Thursday 4 May. 
Carpentries workshops provide significant benefits to early career employees at STFC. In 2022, the team ran a series of hybrid Software Carpentry workshops across October and November, building on previous experience running in a hybrid format in 2021 and fully online in 2020. This blog post summarises their experiences with organising and running these workshops, including attendee feedback.
We are happy to share that SSI Fellow Sammie Buzzard has been awarded the IGS Early Career Scientist Award for the year 2022.
The SSI Fellows Newsletter shares activities and opportunities taking place within the SSI Fellows' community.
Collaborations Workshop 2023 (CW23) will take place as a hybrid event in Manchester, UK, from Tuesday, 2 May to Thursday, 4 May 2023 and the full agenda - including keynote speakers, lightning talks, and mini-workshop sessions - is now available!
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