Who do we work with?

ConferencePeople.jpgThe Software Sustainability Institute works with a range of projects - tackling everything from library searches to nuclear fusion.

If you would like assistance from the Institute, why not consider submitting an application into our Open Call, or get in touch?

Active projects

  • LUX-ZEPLIN: We are providing consultancy to LUX-ZEPLIN's researchers at University College London on migrating data storage and analysis software from Microsoft Excel to a database-centred solution.
  • Synote: We're working with Synote to investigate their current development processes and infrastructure, and help develop general best practice guidelines for development, deployment and testing.
  • recipy: We're working with the developers of recipy - an innovative way to track provenance in Python - to develop an automated test suite for recipy as a precursor to expanding the development of recipy and promoting recipy more widely.
  • ReproPhylo: The Institute is helping to make the software more sustainable by conducting a technical review of the software and testing infrastructure, and exploring ways to implement extensibility to interface with user tools.
  • DataSHIELD: We're exploring ways to test and audit the DataSHIELD software, review its project governance, investigate funding support models, and manage the integration of third party code contributions.
  • QuimP: We're conducting a sustainability assessment of the QuimP cell motility analysis software, community resources and collaboration processes to assist in moving the software to an open development and dual licensing model which would also support commercial exploitation.
  • Clipper: We are conducting a sustainability assessment of the Clipper video and audio clip sharing software, documentation and collaboration processes, to help enhance its longer-term maintenance.
  • APEL: APEL is an HPC accounting tool that collects accounting data from sites participating in the EGI and WLCG infrastructures. The Institute is helping to make the software more reliable and accessible.

Completed projects

We also have a number of partners with whom we collaborate, which you can find here.