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2022 Inauguration

Annie Jeffery

University College London

Bastian Greshake Tzovaras

Citizen Science
Inserm, Université de Paris

Christina Last

Machine Learning
The Alan Turing Institute

Connah Kendrick

Computer Graphics, 3D data
Manchester Metropolitan University

David Wilby

Best Practice in Research Software
University of Sheffield

Gemma Turon

AI and Machine Learning Tools
Ersilia Open Source Initiative

Georgina Al-Badri

Mathematical and Computational Modelling
University College London

Ginestra Ferraro

Research Software UI/ UX Designer
King's College London

James Byrne

Multi-Scale Software
British Antarctic Survey

Jannetta Steyn

Bioinformatics and Research Software Engineering
Newcastle University

Jesper Sören Dramsch

Machine Learning in the Sciences

Kim Martin

Biomedical Science
Stellenbosch University

Luke Abraham

Chemistry-Climate Modelling
University of Cambridge

Meag Doherty

Research Experience and Open Data
National Institutes of Health

Mike Walmsley

Applied Deep learning in Astrophysics
University of Manchester

Nilani Ganeshwaran

Software and Digital Development
University of Manchester

Peter Schmidt

Research Software Engineering
University College London

Riva Quiroga

Corpus Linguistics, Computational Methods
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Sadie Bartholomew

Computational Science for Research
University of Reading

Sam Harrison

Environmental Geospatial Modelling
UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Sarah Ames

Digital Scholarship
National Library of Scotland

Sarah Forrester

Biology and Bioinformatics
University of York

Sophia Batchelor

University of Leeds

Tom Russell

Sustainable Infrastructure Systems
University of Oxford

Valentin Danchev

Computational Social Science
University of Essex

Valerio Maggio

Data Science and Machine Learning
University of Bristol

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