Carina Haupt

Based on the "Sustainable Software Development for Researchers" alias "Bring Your Own Script and Make It Ready for Publication" workshop, this guide is a short overview about the steps recommended to make your code sustainable, enabling others to use and modify it. 
Registration is open for the workshop 'Sustainable Software Development for Researchers' or 'Bring your own Script and Make it Ready for Publication' by Carina Haupt, Head of Group Software at the German Aerospace Centre. The workshop is part of our Research Software Camp on research accessibility.
By Simon Hettrick, Jeremy Cohen, James Graham, Carina Haupt, Connah McKendrick, David Gillespie This post is part of the CW19 speed blog posts series. The number of research software communities is growing rapidly - local communities, regional communities and national communities are all gaining recognition and interest amongst the large number of developers and researchers who write software to support/undertake research. Communities can provide a wide variety of activities to support their members but events offer the main opportunity to meet and interact with other community members.…

By Alys Brett, UK Atomic Energy Authority, Sam Cox, University of Leicester, 

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