Chris Cannam

Anthony Finkelstein wrote a great post about the benefits of being a software engineer: you can call yourself an engineer without getting your hands dirty, and you can wear jeans and a T-shirt to work (if you feel like being smart). All good points, but it got us thinking, whilst it may be good to be a software engineer, it's even better to be a research software engineer. And here's why.

By Chris Cannam,

These are interesting times in consumer computing. We’re in the middle of what seems likely to be a generational shift from the traditional desktop and laptop PC to what have been called post-PC devices.

The term post-PC typically refers to modern smartphones running iOS or Android, and also to devices such as touch tablets that are closer in size and utility to a conventional PC. From a user perspective the most distinctive thing about these devices is the touch interface. But just as significant, from the point…

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