Elisa Loza

By Elisa Loza, Agent and and scientific statistician, Rothamsted Research.

Evolutionary biology is the branch of biology that studies the evolutionary processes that give rise to the diversity of life on Earth. Understanding these processes is essential to every aspect of our life including the development of crop varieties that are resistant to pests (and, therefore, food security); finding cures to human diseases (for example, there is some similarity between the way cancer develops in one person and the way genes evolve through billions of years); and measuring the impacts of…

By Elisa Loza, Agent and scientific statistician, Rothamsted Research.

The Statistical Computing Section of the Royal Statistical Society in London recently organised a one-day meeting to discuss the strengths and limitations of the statistical computing and graphics software, R. The Software Sustainability Institute's Rob Baxter was invited to talk about the Institute's work.

The meeting was a great opportunity to demonstrate the potential of R in diverse areas, but also to recognise its limitations. There are many advantages to using open-source software like R; the…

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