Presentation available: In defence of the spreadsheet

Posted by j.laird on 28 October 2021 - 10:00am

A presentation on 'In Defence of the Spreadsheet: Data and historical research' is now available to watch as part of our Research Software Camp: Beyond the Spreadsheet.

In the presentation Lucy Huggins (associate lecturer in History and the Policy Engagement Specialist for the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business at the University of Plymouth) discusses the benefits of spreadsheets in addition to overcoming their limitations. She talks from her own experience of using spreadsheets for data and historical research.

View the presentation on YouTube or below.

Lucy Huggins will also be taking part in our discussion panel on 'Do we have the right tools for research?' taking place online on Friday 5 November, from 2 to 3pm GMT. Find out more about the other tools being represented and register to attend the panel here.

Our Research Software Camp: Beyond the Spreadsheet will run from 1st to 12th November 2021. We will focus on the uses of spreadsheets in research and the next steps into further use of software in research. View the full programme and sign up to our various sessions.

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