UKRI-BBSRC are running a workshop on scientific computing for the biosciences to better understand the computing needs of the bioscience community.
The third and final Future Forum for the Secrious Project, Heriot-Watt University is open for booking.
The Software Sustainability Institute is excited to announce its involvement in three successful bids to the UKRI Innovation Scholars: Data Science Training in Health and Bioscience initiative. The programme’s key objective is to produce training opportunities for researchers in areas ranging from bioinformatics to the social sciences, to give them the self-confidence and skills to manage and analyse their data. 
One of the many opportunities to start a new collaboration during the Collaborations Workshop 2021 (CW21) is through the mini-workshops and demo sessions. This year we’ll have ten 30-minute sessions related to the themes of CW21: FAIR Research Software, Diversity & Inclusion, and Software Sustainability.
RIOT Science Club are hosting a conference on Open Research: A Vision for the Future on 2 March from 12.20 to 17.10 GMT. It's free to attend and open to all.
rOpenSci are hosting the first in a series of community calls on their statistical software review project Tuesday 2 March at 17:00 UTC.
The Software Sustainability Institute's inaugural Research Software Camp is underway, starting with a keynote talk on the Social Model of Inaccessibility.
Next week we start our inaugural Research Software Camp which focusses on research accessibility. Watch the Camp's keynote talk by Chris Hartgerink (Liberate Science) on the Social Model of Inaccessibility.
The Software Sustainability Institute is launching regular UK Carpentry Community Calls.
We are delighted to announce the Panel on Diversity and Inclusion at Collaborations Workshop 2021 (CW21), which will focus on discussion around disability and accessibility in research software. Building a disability inclusive research culture makes it more inclusive for everyone.