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By Shoaib Sufi, Community Lead.

For some November and December is a time to wind down and slow down to meet the holiday seasons at a gentle pace … but not at the Institute! The community team with the help of the wider Institute, fellows and friends was busy putting together and finalising the building blocks that would enable a most productive 2016 for research software advocacy!

Read on to find out more more about Fellows 2016 and Collaborations Workshop 2016 (CW16) to see who we are supporting research software related activities in…

By Aleksandra Pawlik, Training Lead.

The end of the year 2015 was full of training events building up towards the coming months. The Institute is working towards scaling up the number of Data and Software Carpentry events in the UK by growing the instructor pool. Also by working with the Steering Committees of both organisations we are making sure that research community in the UK can benefit from this training.

By Steve Crouch, Research Software Group lead

With Autumn just around the corner, September has seen some exciting activities within the Institute’s Research Software Group. We’re helping improve the testing of Grid accounting software used by the Large Hadron Collider, we’re assessing the sustainability of a web service that supports greater fitness, and we’ve had a record number of applications into the recently closed Open Call!

By Simon Hettrick, Deputy Director.

This month, we welcome a new team member, attend a meeting of European organisations with an interest in software sustainability and support a bid to further bolster the RSE community.

We are happy to welcome Olivier Philippe to the Southampton team. He will be based in Southampton team as our new Policy Officer. Olivier brings with him experience in research design, surveying and is skills in both R and Python. One of Olivier’s first tasks will be to work on improving the transparency of last year’s software…

By Aleksandra Pawlik, Training Lead.

By Shoaib Sufi, Community Lead

September was an active month. It’s funny as autumn enters in the UK, the academic world is in spring with new students, new projects and a re-invigoration after the traditional holiday period.

In this month's update read more about how Fellows 2016 is progressing, the rise of the Institute's Software Credit Workshop and other news from the Community.

However, before we start - the Community team is recruiting a Research Software Specialist. If you are keen to run events, support Fellows, build bridges to…

By Steve Crouch, Research Software Group Lead.

During August, the Institute’s Research Software Group has helped developers in the areas of reflectance imaging and field theory to improve the usability and sustainability of their research software. We’ve also heard back from a previous project, where our work continues to realise a significant impact. Our Open Call is still open until 30 September - If you are looking for help with your own research software, why not submit an application?

By Simon Hettrick, Deputy Director and Policy Lead.

August saw the foundation of a new group to support Research Software Engineers, the release of a paper that had many in the community up in arms, and progress towards a better understanding of who’s being employed in UK academia. We’re also looking for community editors for our blog!

By Shoaib Sufi, Community Lead

Traditionally August is the holiday season here in the UK, but many good things can start or progress in a quiet period; especially exciting was the opening of the application period for the Institute’s 2016 Fellowship programme. Read on to find out what else happened in August.

By Aleksandra Pawlik, Training Lead.

This is the last in this month's blog posts taking you around the different activities of the Institute. Today, we feature the Training team.

The training team has been travelling all over the UK and Europe to engage with learners from many different disciplines. We also report on an upcoming visit to the British Science Festival, and interesting new developments with Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry.

Supporting ELIXIR UK in training for bioinformatics

The Institute carries on its activities successfully supporting…

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