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A selection of free online talks and workshops, part of the Research Software Camp: FAIR software, are now open for registration. All talks and workshops are aimed at a beginner level and no previous knowledge or experience is required. 

The programme for the next Research Software Camp (RSC), which will be held from 19th to 30th June 2023, has now been released and can be accessed here. The RSC will focus on FAIR software and include a panel discussion, basic skills workshops and a mentorship programme. 

This programme includes the schedule for live sessions as part of the Research Software Camp: FAIR software. Note we are running some workshops in other languages. The language of the workshop is noted between parenthesis.

Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko

More information about the panel is coming soon. 

As part of our next Research Software Camp (RSC), we will be running a free Learning to Code mentorship programme from 24 April to 26 June 2023. The programme is aimed at beginners who are new to coding or have no experience in coding in academia. 
The Software Sustainability Institute is looking for volunteers for our next Research Software Camp to mentor beginners who code in academia as part of its mentorship programme.
The fifth iteration of the Research Software Camp is being run from June 19th-30th 2023. Click here for more information.
The next Research Software Camp (RSC) will run for two weeks from 19th to 30th June 2023.
The next Research Software Camp (RSC) will run for two weeks from 19th to 30th June 2023. The topic will be announced soon.
As part of our Research Software Camp: Supporting Mental Health, SSI Research Associate and accredited mindfulness teacher  Anita Banerji ran a workshop on Befriending Your Inner Critic. The recordings of her talks and mindfulness sessions are now available to watch and listen to.
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